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Covid-19 Update

Changes within the business

The way we work with clients is extremely important to us:

With the constantly changing landscape around Covid-19 our priorities as a business are around the wellbeing of EMH Staff and continuity of services to clients.

As of 17 March 2020, following the latest government guidance all staff members are working from home. All staff are able to perform normal duties from home in the event that this is required and the normal means of communication will still work.

Support calls

Ordinarily all support calls are treated equally however, we may be forced to prioritise calls based on the following criteria:

System outages
Security issues
Setting up remote workers
Password resets

Routine admin tasks such as data access requests

New starters and other planned project and development work
Non-critical changes

Other changes

Due to the virus a number of other services have been affected;

Hardware Purchases
Supply chains for all forms of hardware have been severely impacted and we are seeing shortages for a lot of hardware items and constraints being put in place on a lot of parts. This is resulting in very lengthy lead times for a lot of equipment. Any outstanding or new orders will be monitored and any updates passed on.

Site Visits
We will restrict non-essential planned site visits for the immediate future.

Client Identification
With people working from home and calling in from unknown numbers we may require additional means of identifying you as a legitimate client. This may add to the time taken to process the call but we are doing this with the security of your systems in mind. If in doubt we will decline the request.

Thank you

We appreciate your co-operation and understanding

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