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Managing Passwords Safely

It has become apparent that telling people to come up with multiple, complicated passwords for each individual account has backfired. Now, many people will use the same password for everything they log into – and that makes us more vulnerable to hackers. Good passwords are an essential element of your password policy. So, what makes […]

Changing Your Technology

Changing your technology is exciting – yet a little daunting too. This is especially true when it comes to our smart phones. They help almost every aspect of our lives from fitness to finances, organisation to leisure… and communication! We like the excitement of discovering new tools and apps – but need to hit the […]

Using IT to Support Productivity

It’s official: we are as productive now as we were in 2007. A new study by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) confirms that UK workers’ productivity fell by 0.5% in the first three months of 2017. The BBC reports that this takes the UK economy’s ability to create wealth back below the level of […]

Ultimate IT Training Support for Today’s Workforce

IT skills are a key part of work for most people. There is a wide range of IT literacy in any given workplace. Business owners spend a lot of money providing the tools for people to use – but often this is where they stop. Cloud-based IT services are increasing in popularity. A large number […]

IT: Let’s Learn From Mistakes

The aviation sector is very good at learning from mistakes. Eric Hughes, EMH Technology’s Director has first-hand experience of this: “When I was learning to fly I read a (paper!) magazine in which there was a monthly section called ‘I Learned About Flying From That’. It was basically a short story about bad things that […]

Business, Technology and the BA Outage

The recent British Airways outage and related fallout is a timely reminder that bad things do happen. Your business needs some form of Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) plan. BC/DR procedures are a bit like backups; we hope we never need them but to make sure they are fit for purpose they need […]


We are looking to take on a new apprentice. If you are interested in IT, good with people and keen to learn then please get in touch. Please click the following link to view the position: View our position  

New Email Domain

Email has been around a long while and your email addresses tend to stay with you. I still have a hotmail account I set up at university which is… a while ago. It has always struck me as odd that someone would spend a lot of money on an advert, vehicle graphics or other promotional material […]

A Day In The Life Of… (Matt – IT Systems Administrator)

My days generally begin with one of 3 alarms (my phone alarm, my partner or her 6 year old son) waking me up. I then start off by checking my work emails on my phone to see if there’s been any issues overnight. This is accompanied with a cup of tea before getting ready for […]

A Day In The Life Of… (Kieran – IT Systems Administrator)

Most days begin at our office in Hitchin, where I am greeted by our big monitoring screen and hoping that it is displaying a solid block of green alerts, which usually means a good start to the day. These tests monitor everything from amount of free disk space in servers we maintain to the status […]

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