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EMH Technology offer remote desktop support via our support portal www.iamstuck.co.uk. Within seconds we can see your screen and observe, first hand, the issues you are experiencing. Our staff can investigate and resolve the issue and provide self help documentation for you to use in the future. We monitor the installed software, security patch status and anti-virus protection on all PCs and laptops we are responsible for and contact our clients pro-actively to resolve any issues we see.


  • What support packages do you offer?

    EMH offers a variety of flexible support packages to suit your business. We do not tie you in to long term contracts and you can move between support packages to get the best value for your money. We have a fixed price support model which gives unlimited office hours support to cater for all your needs. Additionally we have a pay-as-you-go model where time is purchased in advance and used up as required. We also offer a hybrid model where we cover certain elements on a fixed price model such as servers and more complex infrastructure and then any user requests are covered by a pay as you go element. We also offer out-of-hours cover at a fixed price per month

  • What size companies does EMH Technology support?

    We support small to medium size businesses. Our clients vary in size from 5-95. Our long term relationships with clients have seen us support them grow their business from a handful of staff to 50+.

    Regardless of company size, if you are looking for great IT support then please do email or call us (please find the contact details at the top of the page) .

  • Which operating systems does EMH Technology support?

    At EMH we support all common desktop operating systems. Additionally, we also support Android, IOS, and Windows on mobile devices.

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