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5 Tips for Secure Remote Working

Oct 23, 2020 Posted by: Dwills Tips

Safe and secure remote working now is of paramount importance to businesses on an ongoing basis. Here’s our advice on best practice when working remotely:

1. Work Devices for Work Data

Proactive IT security happens ‘behind the scenes’ in the corporate world, such as software updates, antivirus scans, blocking malicious sites. This level of activity is unlikely to happen for personal devices. Employees should be encouraged to access a cloud-based remote working environment or only use work-issued equipment for downloading or syncing files or emails.

cybersecurity and homeworking

2. Antivirus

A reliable security solution is essential for all devices that handle corporate information. As well as antivirus software, security packages can stop unauthorised devices from accessing data. It’s also important to avoid using public wi-fi when working away from the office. Instead, try a personal hotspot or, even better, a VPN (virtual private network).

3. Physical Security

It makes sense to avoid leaving laptops and phones in cars. Everyone knows this but it still happens. In addition, if charging your device via an unknown USB port, a USB data blocker is a great idea. (These connect to the power without exposing the data pins.) To avoid this exposure it’s important to regularly update everything installed on any device used for work purposes.

IMAGE: Update key on keyboard technology

4. Keep Devices Updated

New vulnerabilities are forever being found in applications and operating systems. Cybercriminals can’t resist exploiting them to infiltrate other people’s devices, with cybercrime rising during the pandemic. Often, they rely on people being too lazy to update software, because in the latest versions of programs vulnerabilities are usually patched. (Kaspersky)

5. Regular Data Backups

Data can be lost in many ways, from physical damage or human error through to cyberattack. Cloud backup is the convenient and cost-effective way to store your data safely.

Homeworking offers so many advantages to businesses whilst keeping employees safe,” says Eric Hughes of EMH Technology. “It’s important that everyone is aware of the data security issues involved and takes appropriate action.”

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