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Business Applications

EMH produce bespoke web based applications for our clients. These applications streamline the administrative processes within businesses reducing the amount of duplicate data entry and emailing of documents constantly between staff members.

Our aim is simple. The data is entered once and is then shown in the appropriate format to the people who need to see it in real time.

Our applications sit on scalable hardware platforms so as your data grows the platform grows with it. We can provide small systems for a handful of users to a truly global system for hundreds of users with components on each continent if required.

We will help you review your business processes if required and translate these into a shopping list of functions for a new system.

Our technology demonstration platform, SpaceTHYME, will give you an idea of the kinds of things we can achieve and can act as a starting point for discussion, but the huge benefit of a bespoke system is that you get to have only the functions you need presented directly to the people who need them.


  • What applications can EMH produce?

    EMH can create systems to streamline administrative processes. We understand that some days will be incredibly busy and you many not have the time to manually enter hundreds of records into a spreadsheet or generate reports for your management. You may not like your current system and want something that is easier to use and more flexible.

    To discuss your requirements please contact us via the contact details at the top of the page or via the contact for on the contact page.

  • How do we access the applications?

    Our applications are accessible by anyone with an account and internet access via any common web browser.No specialist software is required.

  • Where are the applications hosted

    EMH host your systems using Microsoft’s Azure platform which is a global scalable infrastructure. We can also develop systems which run on your own servers in your offices.

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