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Cloud Computing & Storage Services

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EMH Technology helps businesses to harness technologies that increase efficiency and save time, (plus provide a better customer experience). Often, this involves cloud computing.

Cloud computing is a widely used marketing term but it essentially means IT platforms that are not in your office and are available from anywhere with Internet access. Migrating to cloud-based technology therefore offers freedom regarding IT hardware and location, whilst retaining data security.

We offer a range of technology and IT support services that keep your business productive and protected while you enjoy the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of cloud computing.

The technology of cloud computing offers every business distinct advantages compared with traditional, on-premises solutions. Reduced capital expenditure and built-in disaster recovery solutions are a couple of examples. We design a bespoke solution specifically for your organisation. This can involve any mixture of products and technologies to suit your needs, which we implement, manage and support.

You’ll discover that we offer no minimum contract and completely transparent pricing. The cost of solutions reflects the size of your organisation, based on the number of users and devices involved. For some businesses, a blend of cloud-based and on-premises systems works best – our team is happy to offer you expert advice.

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Support for Cloud-Based IT Services

Your cloud computing solution is tailored to your business needs and supported via our expert team. We’re an approachable bunch and understand the need to keep IT systems operational and accessible. Even better – EMH Technology is a jargon-free zone.

Cloud Security

Cloud servers deploy the latest security technology, including firewalls and encryption, as well as safeguards such as ensuring that all users are approved prior to granting access to data. For additional peace of mind, we have developed a monitoring feature to identify compromised email accounts, fast. (Reporting on email volume in total and by user, our proactive alerting system doesn’t know who the recipients are or the subject or message content, so privacy is maintained.)

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Cloud Storage & Backup

Cloud backup systems are the most secure option for backing up data as their technology and security are constantly updated. These features blend with our proactive support to give you complete peace of mind regarding the safety and accessibility of your data, such as files, emails and databases. Approved users can access the information stored within the cloud from any location, offering complete mobility and flexibility for your business. (Read our article: “The Advantages of Cloud Storage”.)

Cloud Hosting

Reliable, secure hosting solutions are available, offering you the reassurance of consistent availability instead of the worry of downtime consequences. VOIP telephone systems can also be integrated into your cloud hosting provision as needed.

Would you like to discuss which cloud-based IT solutions are best for your business? Contact EMH Technology for an initial chat without obligation. Call 0800 288 9121 or email us. Find out how cloud technology can help your business.

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