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6 WordPress Trends To Watch

Apr 20, 2022 Posted by: Dwills Uncategorised
Image: WordPress logo on screen

Your website should be unique to your business. It’s your shop window and needs to appeal to both potential clients as well as search engines. Keeping your website up to date and competitive is important. It needs a visually appealing design, a smooth interface, and flawless content management. That’s how WordPress can help!

At EMH Technology, we love creating websites using WordPress. Its strengths are its great design themes and plug-ins, enabling fantastic flexibility and functionality. (WordPress is powered with more than 54,000 plug-ins and nearly 31,000 themes.) Many people share our opinion: 40% of all websites are currently running a WordPress system.

New WordPress features are emerging, offering great potential to refresh the image and user experience that your website offers.

Image: WordPress logo on screen

6 WordPress Trends

1. Keeping It Simple

Uncluttered, easy to navigate designs became popular in 2021 and the trend continues to grow during 2022. The use of simple visuals and white space improves user experience. WordPress has developed simple themes as a response to the growing number of complicated, intricate website designs.

2. Use of Video

Video is not a new trend, and continues to be popular amongst website users. Use of video content makes a positive first impact on the visitor. It’s a great way of demonstrating products, and for creating initial rapport with potential customers. The emergence of efficient video compression and improved connectivity protects the impact on website load times. Watch out for new WordPress themes with a video background. If you don’t already use video on your WordPress website, now is the perfect time to consider how video can enhance your website’s impact.

3. Chatbot FAQs

using chatbot technology

Chatbots can enhance user experience and provide quick, convenient responses to client or user questions. The WordPress bot can also signpost further information and offer a FAQ section alongside responses, giving the visitors a better, seamless experience.

There are opportunities to provide directional responses such as internal links to helpful web pages or email sign-up options. Another important feature of chatbots is that they are available to engage with website visitors 24/7. This is the team member who never sleeps!

4. Thumb Scrolling

Thumb-scrolling has become extremely popular, especially as the online experience is dominated by mobile devices. It’s important that your website is mobile-friendly and ‘thumb scroll’ ready. WordPress themes accommodate these popular features.

5. Voice Search

Voice search is incredibly important for website accessibility. It also offers powerful potential to ecommerce businesses, as many smartphone users browse using voice search. WordPress offers voice search plug-ins to support websites and WooCommerce, its ecommerce plug-in.

6. Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)

This WordPress trend emerged during the pandemic and its popularity continues to grow, especially in the ecommerce space. Overlaying electronic information onto real life enhances customer experience. As well as assisting retail businesses, WordPress websites using AR/VR offer great potential for the tourism, leisure and event-based sectors.

“WordPress offers powerful, flexible and convenient website opportunities,” says Eric Hughes of EMH Technology. “The range of features available ensure your website can reflect the changing needs of your website visitors.”

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If you’d like to ensure that website is your greatest marketing asset, talk to the WordPress experts at EMH Technology. We’ll use our WordPress wizardry to create the website your business deserves, with options for ongoing support to keep it up to date and secure for your reassurance.

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