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Bespoke Vs Off-the-Shelf Systems

Feb 23, 2020 Posted by: Dwills Business
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Many organisations use internal computer systems to help with business operations. These systems are usually often designed to handle administrative tasks by providing a central place to store and view company data. A good system should offer the functionality your business requires and the flexibility to cover a variety of needs. Importantly, it should facilitate business growth too. If you are considering introducing or replacing an internal system, two key options need to be investigated:

Option 1: Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke solutions are built from the ground up and are designed to meet your specific requirements. This allows you to customise your system to meet your specific needs when it comes to the:

  • Functionality
  • Layout
  • Colour theme
  • Pages required
  • Information to be stored and accessed

The team at EMH Technology takes time to understand your requirements and works with you to deliver a robust, relevant product that you are happy with. All our solutions are built with future-proofing in mind, so your system will offer optimum flexibility to accommodate your growing business.

Advantages of Bespoke Solutions:

1. Tailored Creativity

Bespoke solutions allow you to tailor your system and implement it at your own pace. This allows you to carefully design each aspect of your system.

2. Investment Timescale

Going ahead with a bespoke system solution usually allows you to spread the development cost across a period that works for your business. For example, one month you might want to develop a small aspect of the system and another month you might want to invest in a larger project.

Option 2: Off-The-Shelf Systems

Off-The-Shelf shelf systems are ones which that have already been built, usually with a specific industry in mind. These will come with a certain amount of functionality included and will essentially be ready for you to start using straight away. Most of these systems offer a demonstration facility so you can explore the system before you commit to it. If you decide to go ahead with an off-the-shelf system, there is often some configuration required before you can start fully using it.

Advantages of Off-The-Shelf Systems

1. A Quick Start

Off-The-Shelf shelf systems provide you with more functionality from the start. This will allow faster implementation as the only potential setup is some configuration and backup time. However, a quick start usually involves a higher upfront fee as you will be paying a higher price for the complete system straight away.

2. Industry Specific

Some off-the-shelf systems are developed for a specific industry; however you may find that there are some elements of your operation that are missing from the system. Having these added in may incur additional cost.

In Summary

“A new system is a big step,” says Eric Hughes of EMH Technology. “It’s important to weigh up your business needs and how they might change in the future. This planning process is a vital step in deciding which system would be best for your organisation.”

Eric adds: “If you’d prefer a bespoke system, we can develop a solution that fits your needs. Should an off-the-shelf system be the best route for your organisation, we can work with you to choose and implement the best fit-for-purpose option.”

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