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How IT Helps Your Business Thrive

Aug 27, 2020 Posted by: Dwills Business
technology driving business growth

Embracing technology is enabling organisations to achieve the flexibility and agility they need in today’s challenging business environment. However adopting new technological solutions isn’t just about survival… it can offer your business a valuable competitive edge to help it thrive.

Homeworking within organisations has increased hugely, facilitating safe and productive business continuity. Even though some companies are gradually returning to office-based working, it’s fair to say that working practices are changing permanently.

technology driving business growth

Achieving Your Business Edge With Technology

1. Increased Flexibility

From accessing data to cyber security… technology offers complete flexibility and cost-savings regarding location. Technology has – and will continue to – enable businesses to offer flexibility to their customers and employees. A proactively managed IT infrastructure helps your business adapt to fast-changing situations, offering a strong competitive edge.

business technology keeping you connected

2. Consistent Communication

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) business numbers enable seamless communication regardless of where you team is working from. Importantly, it means you won’t miss important calls and potential opportunities by relying on voicemail. (80% of callers do not leave messages – Forbes.)

3. Better Productivity

Recent research by Stanford University shows that working from home can increase productivity by as much as 13%. Efficient IT infrastructure ensures employees can access the data they need quickly, plus back up information safely and securely.

4. Greater Efficiencies

Properly integrating digital solutions can improve efficiency in numerous ways. Technology can automate time-consuming tasks, allowing employees to focus on things that require human attention. Faster, easier communication is a consistent result of digital integration. Reports are generated and shared more quickly, problems come to light sooner, and employees can collaborate more easily with one another.

“It’s important to understand the needs of customers and employees alike,” explains Eric Hughes, founder of EMH Technology. “Then IT systems can be fully coordinated, offering the operational flexibility and competitive strengths needed to unlock growth.”

“As well as ensuring that information is stored securely and accessed easily, it’s also essential to ensure that everyone in your team is comfortable using the systems involved.

“This may mean using bespoke applications as well as existing software. Training and IT support ensures that everyone can truly make the most of the opportunities technology offers.”

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