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How VOIP is Transforming Homeworking

Jun 18, 2020 Posted by: Dwills Trends
VOIP telephone system

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) calls involve using your internet connection to make and receive phone calls. They offer the speed and flexibility available via your broadband connection with the quality of your traditional phone system.

During lockdown, use of VOIP increased thanks to its flexibility. Vodaphone saw a 28% increase in people using VOIP calls during the first week of lockdown (source – Equations).

Why is VOIP proving to be so popular?

VOIP telephone system

Four Reasons to Consider VOIP

1. Flexible Location

VOIP telephony makes remote working easier by enabling voice and video calls and conferencing anywhere in the world, from any device – with just an internet connection and an app. Your handsets are not tied to a particular location. You can literally unplug your office handset and start using it at home, with the same phone and extension numbers. This allows internal and customer communication to be relatively easy during the pandemic.

2. No More ‘Out-of-Office’ Diverts

By keeping your business number for homeworking via VOIP there is no need to let customers, suppliers and internal teams know of alternative contact details. Office lines do not have to be manually diverted to homeworkers, removing the risk of lost calls.

3. Option of Video Calls

Online meetings for up to 20 people can take place via VOIP, so no need for additional software.

4. Cost Savings

Significant savings in business phone line and contract costs can be achieved. With VOIP systems, there’s no line rental, contractual commitment or major capital investment.

“VOIP technology is proving particularly popular during lockdown,” says Eric Hughes of EMH Technology. “However this is a system that also offers longer-term benefits including lower costs, efficient call handling and ease of adding new lines and numbers.”

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