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Dementia Carers Count

Dementia Carers Count is a registered charity that supports family carers. The organisation provides a range of support, helping people to deal with a complex and ever-changing condition. This includes practical tips for personal wellbeing, courses and a network of contacts in similar circumstances.

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We have been working with DCC for around 18 months. Our initial involvement moved all of DCC’s users to a cloud-based infrastructure. This removed the need for their old, physical server and offered flexibility to the team regarding system use and information access.

In migrating the DCC operation to an online system, we worked closely with the team to ensure both physical and virtual environments were right for them. On-site, we set-up the docking stations needed. Online, our team provided infrastructure assistance for their Salesforce project implementation. We also designed and deployed centralised template management for email signatures.

In addition, remote workers need to access the DCC accounts package. To facilitate this securely and efficiently, our team configured an Azure virtual PC environment. This allows the staff to access their core system from anywhere.

IT support is available on an ongoing basis, helping to manage DCC’s cloud-based infrastructure, including Office 365. We provide support and guidance to all DCC staff. Recently, we assisted them with their relocation to homeworking as part of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Eric Hughes of EMH Technology says: “We are pleased to be able to support the DCC team as it provides such valuable services. This is especially true as the team adapts to homeworking, with continuity of support being so important during the current lockdown measures.”

Eilidh Pollard, Assistant to the CEO at Dementia Carers Count adds: “We at Dementia Carers Count are consistently impressed with the EMH team. They’re unfailingly helpful, courteous, and able to explain things in ways that make sense to those of us who are not so ‘tech-savvy’.

“They have gone above and beyond recently in supporting our move to full homeworking, but we didn’t even notice when they themselves changed over to working from home!

Day-to-day our requests are resolved swiftly, and alternative solutions are proposed when appropriate. The support we receive from EMH enables us to support family carers.”

Key to our DCC initiative is the ability to provide flexible, robust cloud-based systems that enable the team to provide its support on a continual basis, regardless of team members’ locations. Ongoing, jargon-free IT support is especially important to support ongoing homeworking.

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