Hardware Support

All hardware supplied by EMH will have a 3 or 5 year next- or same-day hardware warranty from the manufacturer. This includes all parts and labour for the duration of the warranty and can in extreme cases also cover replacement hardware. Where our clients wish us to maintain older hardware we can offer a similar level of cover to new hardware through our partner. This means we can offer rapid responses to hardware issues across the whole of the UK.

For clients who cannot afford any interruptions due to hardware failure we advocate they maintain spare hardware which is ready to be swapped out in the event of an issue. Where our clients are geographically dispersed we can hold their spare hardware and ship direct via our courier partners in the event of an issue.

Where budget allows we always specify server hardware with built in redundancy across all the main components which are prone to failure such as hard drives, network cards and power supplies. This allows the systems to carry on functioning with some level of hardware failure giving the hardware support team time to get the replacement parts to your site.


  • Where does EMH provide hardware from?

    EMH are partners with major manufacturers such as Dell and HP and have partnerships with main distributors to enable swift order fulfilment for planned and emergency requirements.



  • Which hardware does EMH support?

    EMH will take on your legacy hardware and supply hardware support with same- or next-day warranties through our on-site hardware repair partners.

  • What types of hardware can EMH provide?

    We can supply whatever hardware you require and save you money compared with buying directly from the manufacturer. Where we find this is not the case we will let you know so you can purchase direct if you wish.

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