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Voip Telephony

EMH Technology can meet your telecommunications needs with our VOIP solutions which run your phones over any internet connection from leased lines to satellite broadband.

The systems have all the features you might expect such as call recording, reporting, intelligent call handling, voicemail to email and desktop integration. The nature of the technology means you can work anywhere and still have your office phone extension with you as either an app on your mobile device or as a piece of software on your laptop or PC. We can offer a range of packages including all calls to UK landlines and mobiles.



  • What is VOIP

    VOIP is a technology which provides all your company telephone calls over an internet data connection rather than numerous analogue phone lines or ISDN.

  • What are the benefits of VOIP

    VOIP allows you to take your phone extension with you wherever you are to allow for greater flexibility of work location. Your phone extension can ring on your laptop which you can answer using a headset or mobile phone earphones such as iPhone earpieces. You can also use your mobile to run an app which allows you make and receive calls to your office number from the handset. VOIP allows integration with other desktop software and allows you to click on contacts on a web page or Outlook and dial immediately.

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