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The Changing Face of Managed IT Support

Apr 3, 2024 Posted by: Dwills Cloud Computing Cyber Security Trends Uncategorised
Internet network system

Internet network system

Technology is a fast-changing sector. Therefore it’s essential your organisation’s IT support offers a proactive response to IT developments, enhancing your productivity, security and user experience.

‘Technology constantly progresses with developments such as AI, hybrid cloud and edge computing now used extensively by many businesses,’ says Eric Hughes of EMH Technology. ‘Managed IT support involves so much more than system installation and software support. We strive to offer proactive advice to our clients helping them to maximise the opportunities that evolving technologies offer.’

Essential IT Support Considerations

User Experience

End users of your IT systems may be internal (e.g. employees and contractors) or external (e.g. enquirers and customers). User experience focuses on all end users’ interactions with your IT systems. Therefore, IT support needs to focus on:

  • Technology networkfaster response times,
  • user-friendly interfaces, and
  • personalised support experiences.

The emphasis has moved from on-premises server support to helping remote workers, potentially with global operations. Now, managed IT support teams must be comfortable with hybrid working models. This places even more focus on enjoying a productive working relationship between internal teams and your IT support provider.

Artificial intelligenceThe Influence of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly impacting our lives, including our work. It undoubtedly offers huge advantages in solving common issues such as:

  • automation of software updates,
  • patch management, and
  • system monitoring.

Complex IT problems, however, continue to require human input. Some users prefer human interaction, especially in situations that require specialist knowledge. Your managed IT support provider must balance the potential of AI with the complexity of your systems and the need for efficient user experience.

Private Cloud Solutions

Increasingly, organisations are tempted by the dedicated, secure and customisable cloud infrastructure offered by private cloud solutions. This ‘private’ option also achieves greater control over security policies, encryption methods and access controls for your company. The potential private cloud benefits offered by this level of customisation should be implemented and supported by your managed IT support partner.

Meeting Your IT Support Needs

IT-based solutions can offer competitive advantages to your business, so it’s crucial to choose the right IT support partner for your organisation. The experts at EMH Technology enjoy identifying and implementing opportunities for clients. To explore the potential for your organisation, contact us for an informal discussion without obligation. Discover how IT can truly help your company.

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