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UK Technology: Mind The Skills Gap

Nov 17, 2018 Posted by: Dwills Trends
Image of a brain thinking about Technology

UK Technology: Mind The Skills Gap

A new survey has unveiled the current state of technology investment and skills within UK businesses. It also shows leaders’ views about the future of IT within the workplace.

The research involved UK workers within and outside of technology, plus business leaders (directors and chief executives).

The results, published by Computer Weekly, were very interesting…

Image of a brain thinking about Technology

Is Technology Taking Over?

86% of business leaders said there will be more technology requirements in the next three years, leading to more digital and technology jobs. They were confident that automation technology would help make employees more productive (69%). 76% of leaders thought that people would need to learn new skills in order to embrace technology advances.

There is an overall belief that IT advances in technology will be helpful for businesses, with a hesitancy amongst workers regarding how their role will be affected. The majority of office workers (67%) who do not work in a digital or technical role believe that automation will take over their role. Just over a third of business leaders (36%) share this view.

The big question is… does the UK workforce have the right technology skills to make the most of the technical opportunities available?

Investment In Technology

Participants cited three reasons for investing in technology:

  • To improve business processes (67%)
  • To enhance customer experience (65%)
  • To enhance products and services (62%)

“It’s true that technology offers huge opportunities to businesses,” says Eric Hughes of EMH Technology. “From simply upgrading the equipment used to developing bespoke solutions to automate systems, technology can create more efficient processes helping both customers and employees.”

He adds: “Ultimately, technology can help to save time, boost sales and reduce costs. To achieve its potential, a training and support requirement is often needed. This ensures that technical developments are introduced smoothly and used effectively on an ongoing basis.”

The support required will vary according to the technology involved (hardware and/or desktop for example). The research shows the area of technology that businesses will invest in during the next year:

  • Cloud (66%)
  • Security (63%)
  • Mobile (51%)

Most companies consider managed IT service provision to have a coordinated, consistent approach to all technology utilised within the business.

Skills for the Future

The research shows that the skills most required within the next six months are:

  1. Programming
  2. Project Management
  3. App Development

Looking further ahead, business leaders also identify the skills they require over the next three years:

  1. Big Data & Analytics
  2. Cyber Security
  3. AI/Automation

“Many business leaders are looking ahead and thinking about their IT and skills requirements,” says Eric. “Working with skilled and experienced IT professionals can establish systems more quickly and efficiently compared with starting from scratch internally. You can still achieve a bespoke solution, whilst enjoying the benefits and opportunities of leading technology quickly and with the relevant level of support.”

Are you thinking ahead?

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