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Ultimate IT Training Support for Today’s Workforce

Jun 30, 2017 Posted by: Dwills Uncategorized

Ultimate IT Training Support for Today’s Workforce

IT skills are a key part of work for most people. There is a wide range of IT literacy in any given workplace. Business owners spend a lot of money providing the tools for people to use – but often this is where they stop.

Cloud-based IT services are increasing in popularity. A large number of businesses are using Office 365 – which is made up of numerous programs. New functionality and updates are common. It can be difficult for people to keep on top of the new features.

The result? Missed opportunities to improve productivity and reduce the admin burden of running a business. In addition, businesses often have their own training videos which they need to distribute to people to enable them to do their jobs.

The answer? A range of videos that employees can access to develop or sharpen their skills in any given platform used within their role. Web-based learning in this way offers distinct advantages to employees and businesses alike:

  • Flexibility – individuals can tap into the skills that they most need to develop, regardless of the areas that their colleagues may want to explore.
  • Convenience – videos can be accessed where and when needed, causing minimal disruption to operations and cutting out travel expenses.
  • Range – with over 1,000 videos to choose from, there will a title to help everyone
  • Efficiency – this method of training is quick and cost-effective

How? EMH has a new offering which gives your staff access to over 1000 videos covering all aspects of Office 365 and many other platforms.

You can set up your staff with access to defined modules which they can access on demand from PC, Mac or mobile device. You can also track their usage and uptake of the available modules.

In addition, you can upload your own videos with our help and use the platform as your central place for all training materials. The videos are around 90 seconds each and a module may comprise 10 or so videos about a given area of a product.

More information? To discuss cloud-based services and IT training in more detail, contact us for an informal chat. We’re here to help.

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