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IT Support: Are You Stuck?

May 17, 2019 Posted by: Dwills Tips

IT Support: Are You Stuck?

It’s amazing how much we rely on our technology, especially at work. At EMH Technology, we offer friendly IT support. We cover everything from accessing your files on your phone to maintaining large servers. There’s one proven fact involved with supporting technology… there’s no such thing as a daft question. Please be reassured that:

  1. You’ll speak with a real person, not an automated service, either by phone or our live chat service. (Our clients access support via our ‘iamstuck’ portal.)
  2. Our team will discuss your IT problem in plain English, without technology jargon.
  3. We will respond quickly and have the expertise to identify technology problems, resolving them and/or advising of any further action needed.

Whatever your IT problem, if you feel ‘stuck’ it’s ok to ask for help. There are a few basic checks to complete, after which it’s time to call for assistance.

Basic IT Support Checks

“My computer isn’t turning on…”

Firstly, check that the power cable is fully plugged into your machine and the wall socket. If you’re using a power strip, check to see if the circuit breaker has been tripped (this could be triggered by your computer or another device sharing the power strip). Also check to see if the power strip is properly plugged into the wall socket.

“My monitor display is distorted…”

This could be caused by a loose cable, magnetic interference from a nearby device (such as a fan or speaker) or bent/burnt pins within a video cable connection. These initial checks may resolve the distortion problem.

“I can’t send/receive emails…”

If your Internet connection is ok, check if your email server is encountering problems. Also, check to see if your email setting is ‘online’. People often turn emails to ‘offline’ when they need to concentrate on an important piece of work. It’s easy to forget to switch back to ‘online’ mode. If it’s a particular email that’s having trouble getting through it could be due to a file attachment that is too big for the system involved.

“I can’t access my files remotely…”

You need secure access to your company network or a cloud-based document management system. This is usually via a cloud service and allows you to find all your company files. If your company wants to support remote working, check the IT services involved.

“I’ve deleted a file by accident…”

If you back up your data you can usually access the most recently backed-up version. As well as having access to a backup solution we also recommend automated backup so your files are stored safely and securely.

“IT problems can feel very stressful, especially when they hinder deadlines or customer requirements,” says Eric Hughes of EMH Technology. “We aim to reassure clients that we’re here to help them and work to resolve their IT issues quickly.”

If you would like access to comprehensive IT support without any jargon, talk to the team at EMH Technology. We offer a range of IT support services from desktop support to cloud services, plus managed IT support. If you feel ‘stuck’, we’re here to help.

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